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Thread: Does use Amazon AWS?

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    Does use Amazon AWS?

    Does use Amazon AWS?

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    The short answer is yes. The longer answer is still yes, however remember that aws isn't only a certain something, yet an assortment of many administrations (ec2, Dynamo db, s3, RDS, sqs, vpc, just to give some examples).

    Also, remember that (retailer, marketplace, moment video, arouse, and so on) is contained numerous many (and I truly mean many) administrations that have altogether different necessities. A portion of those administrations existed some time before AWS came around. So the genuine answer will fluctuate by administration, some of them will depend on AWS for their necessities in general, while others will just utilize very little of it. In any case, by and large, any time another help comes around it will in general use a ton of AWS - it will be senseless not to
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