Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you’ve seen our eBay Stealth Accounts and you are interested in one of them. In this document most of your doubts will be gone and you’ll find the perfect solution to your problem. So, let’s get started.

We offer 7 types of eBay Stealth Accounts, being the most famous the Budget, Silver and Gold account. We are going to analyze them:

Budget account: It’s perfect for begginers, 1-3 months aged, with Paypal linked, prepared for Vero, etc… If you are going to start not too big Dropshipping it’s fine.

Silver account: It’s best for all uses, for that reason it’s the most buyed account. It has all the characteristics of Budget account but it’s more than 1 year aged. Perfect for Microsoft Keys and digital products.

Gold account: For advanced used, if you have in mind a long-term business and you know how eBay works, this is perfect to you, also the same characteristics as Silver account but the difference is that we will give you a Bank account already linked and you can use it for payments and direct withdrawals.

– It depends of what type you choose, but the most are more 1 year aged or more

– Always 100%

– We have accounts of all countries

– You have free warranty in first 6 months, if you get suspended by any reason, you be able to request unlimited requests. Free support 24/7

– Yes, just let us know in the moment of buying the account. Your stealth will be compatible for the payment gateway you choose.

– Of course, you only have to show us that you have reseller status, fourm, blog, Facebook or any social media where you do your reseller activity.

– If you let us guide and support youn, you won’t have any problems. In any case you have our free warranty.

– Yes, we can provide that.

– Yes, if you want the account with active listings we can also do that, let us know before paying.

– Free support 24/7, free guide on stealth, videos not public online, free wholesale suppliers list, etc…

– We accept every single type of payment processor, Paypal, Cryptocurrencies, Bank Transfer, Credit card…

Yes, we give support in any situation from start to finish.

– Yes, both are possible, contact us before so we can make the best solution for you.

– All our accounts have totally unlimited selling allowances with no restrictions and limits placed. This means you can list any amount of items. Billions/Millions in value and quantity. Up to you.

– Yes, but it depends if suspended before, the best option is talking to us about this.

– Yes, we have a solution, let’s talk.

– Ok, thats great, we have over 22.000 contacts and in contact with many eBay owners who are ready to sell right now. So contact us.

– Look our social media to see satisfied costumers, also you can contact us and we will show you proofs.