This online retailer, established some 15 years ago, has an excellent reputation with its customers, suppliers and principle outlets (Ebay and Amazon). Its name is one of the best-known in the industry.
The sale of this business represents a unique opportunity to purchase a substantial online retail business, significant in the motorcycle, motocross and cycling sectors and with significant opportunities for substantial growth. The vendor wishes to retire from the business.
The website features around 250 different brands including some of the biggest in the sectors in which it operates. However, very little product is sold via the retailer’s website and this is one of the many opportunities for growth. Instead, the majority of sales come via Ebay trading from 1 of the oldest established Ebay shops. Amazon is also an important outlet albeit there is also an opportunity to grow this ‘leg’ substantially as well by exploiting the opportunities represented by ‘Fulfilment by Amazon’.
The business is housed in a series of rooms on 2 levels in an industrial property. There are 4 staff – a General Manager supported by the vendor and 2 full time staff in the warehouse. The purchaser will be expected to relocate the business as soon as possible after Completion. It is thought that the whole operation could be rehoused in less than 1000 sq ft. The business could easily be relocated anywhere in the UK.
Over the past 4 years the turnover has ranged between £1.5M and £1.7M. Adjusted Profit before the owner’s drawings in the current year is expected to come in at in excess of £200k and is expected to be sustainable at this level and above. At current sales levels, stock is probably valued at around £100k.
The Guide Price for the ***ets and Know-how and Goodwill is £399,000 plus stock at valuation. Apart from stock, the ***ets comprise computers and shelving. The vendor will provide handover support for up to 6 months on a remote basis.