This year you have a choice.
You can rely on your regular job with its regular income and then be in the same position you were last year, likely also the year before that.. or.. you can join a growing crowd of entrepreneurs and new business owners that are changing the way that they make their livings, making a lifestyle from earning money online, challenging the notion that 10 hours a day is what’s required to earn enough to pay their bills, changing the tradition that told them that a 9 to 5 job was the only way.
We provide online sure start businesses that revolve essentially around e-commerce and within that, mainly around dropshipping – though you can wholesale if you feel you wish to.
Dropshipping is a method of fulfilment whereby the suppliers would send any items sold through your business, directly to your customers on an item by item basis with no need for you to hold inventory, spend money on packaging, posting and storage of the goods – it makes perfect sense and you receive a margin from the supplier for each sale – margins can be as high as 91% (off the RRP and this as of 2018 and documented from a genuine supplier of course) in real terms and you can after that sell the goods for any price you wish also of course, leaving plenty of opportunity for making excellent remuneration on all items sold.
Typical margins in the UK are around 40 to 60% and for overseas around 50 to 70% is “the norm”.

You can dropship or wholesale any items you wish from something as small as a mobile phone case through to something as big as a garden shed or motorbike – the possibilities are near limitless.
Inclusive of all this we will provide you with details for thousands of suppliers all over the world and many are right here in the UK off course also to make things easier for you when you start selling – we have done all of the **** work for you and there I no need for you to worry about going to trade shows and visiting suppliers yourself to get started.
You are also given the platforms to sell through and these include -:
An e-commerce website complete with set up, domain, hosting, SSL and training/support provided direct from our UK web developers.
eBay shop and also an Amazon set up and both come with extensive mentoring so that you will know the best ways to list, get noticed and sell and to avoid the issues that other sellers may face when trying to make money online.
You have the ability through this business to make money the week that you start using it – it’s really that simple.
There are other areas besides those above and you can expand this business at will – it really just depends on how much time you wish to put in to running it – you can do it part time around a job and run it from a mobile phone, or you could run it as a full time job and have an office and staff etc – the choice is entirely yours and this is what basically attracts more and more people each year to running an online based business – it’s the flexibility of it and also the ability to dial it up or dial it down as you might wish to fit in with your lifestyle, rather than having it be the other way around.
This Sure Start offer also teaches you how to market, promote and advertise yourself successfully online to reach a wider audience and you can do this in fact without needing to spend any additional money – marketing can be done completely free and we show you how, but we will also take you through the best ways to promote yourself also if you wished to pay to enhance your advertising profile – it never hurts to know all the facets of running a campaign.
There are various levels of service offered and more information is available if you wish to enquire.
For more information feel free to get in touch and we will endeavour to answer all questions personally of course – we would require proof of identification to be provided from any enquirers serious about buying a business.