Leather and craft supplies-an ebay shop selling a variety of products
I have an ebay shop selling a variety of products. I am looking to sell my largest sector of this. Leather and craft supplies. I started up in 2012 buying leather cord with the intention of making hand made jewellery.
Instead, I listed it for sale on ebay and had buyers within hours. I have gradually expanded my range of leather cord and grown a successful online business from it. I stock a large range of sizes, styles and colours of leather cord.

I have a loyal customer base and am always getting new customers too. This has grown year on year for me. I am selling internationally worldwide with this. My sales have greatly increased with international buyers. There are some European countries who are quite new to eBay and Amazon and therefore have a lot of brand new customers. I will be selling my currents stock, customer base, supplier and all my experience and knowledge in this sector. It is a minimum effort way of becoming self employed. I have been able to leave my full time job with this business.
I have recently started expanding this onto amazon too. There is m***ive potential for this to be taken even further. There are many other online craft supply websites where this would be an ideal place to sell this product.
There are many other colours and styles available for purchase from the supplier too giving even more room for growth.