Run From Home / Relocatable Business Opportunity
Ready to sell Ebay stores across 4 countries (U.S., UK, Canada, and Australia)
Dedicated & Fully Automated Website
Aftercare Support after Handover
Estimated Sales at Around £3,000 - £5,000 per month
No Stock Holding Requirements
The vendor is offering new dropshipping businesses which will provide a regular flow of sales and profits with the option of working from home with no stock holding requirement. The business is based on Ebay and also comes with its own dedicated website which will come loaded with active products in your chosen category/categories meaning you can make sales from day 1.
The new store will be set up for you by the vendor, you will be starting with a fresh new Ebay store and build your own reputation/brand. You will have the benefit of being provided with suppliers from the vendor meaning you will remain competitive for your chosen products.
The price for this business is £5,000 and this comes with;
• Ready to sell Ebay stores across 4 countries (U.S., UK, Canada, and Australia) with products already listed up to Ebay’s selling allowance meaning you can make potential sales from day 1. This store will be fully automated.
• Dedicated Website (loaded with active products) which is fully automated
• All the Supplier details which the vendor uses (UK and Worldwide)
• Laptop (which will be sent to you once the vendor has created the stores)
• Aftercare support after handover
The vendor will also show you their exact marketing strategies they use which will drive traffic to your website and in turn increase sales.
The supplier’s which will be p***ed to you offer products across many categories including the following: Home, Garden, Clothing, Jewellery, Phone Accessories, Electronics, Auto, Lighting, Sport, Outdoors, Watches, Shows, Bags, Office, Toys and Baby.
You can choose whichever category you wish to sell, likewise you can mix and match across different categories, oppose to one category. .
The margins are dictated by you, the purchaser. It is recommended that you stick to 50-100% mark-up, but you can go higher or lower. It is your store and you will be managing the pricing yourself.
The website which the vendor will create for you will come loaded with active products which will be fully automated meaning when you make sales your website will automatically order the products from your supplier which will then be sent directly to your customer. This is the same method we use for Ebay too.
With the right number of products listed on your stores and the right products chosen, estimated Sales at Around £3,000 - £5,000 per month with 50-100% mark-up allowing for good net profit levels.
1. What does the typical working week look like to run a store on Ebay?
We do recommend working a full time week to get the maximum out of your store.
We will set you up with an Ebay store as well as your own website, if you do not wish to expand and are happy with these then you will be looking at working around 1-2 hours per day depending on the amount of products you choose to list.
2. Are there any ongoing charges or fees?
Ebay there is no monthly fees incurred to start, however, it is recommended you upgrade your shop once you are making regular sales.
You will be required to pay £20 per month for the maintenance of your website. This should be covered from the profits which you’ll be making from sales.
3. From the suppliers which will be provided, how many products do they have on their database?
The suppliers which will be p***ed to you have over 10 million products which you can choose from. You can add as many products you see fit, it is your store and you choose how many products you wish to list.
4. How long does it take for the vendor to create these stores and website?
It will take 2-4 weeks for the creation of the stores and website. Once completed, the vendor will arrange for a call to do a full handover.
5. What kind of profits can you expect?
Estimated Sales at Around £3,000 - £5,000 per month at 50-100% mark-up allowing for good net profit levels.
6. When can I expect to break even and make the £5,000 back from the cost of the business and start to see profits?
We expect that you will break even within 6 months. Ebay limits the amount of items you can sell to start, once you get past these selling limits (around 90 days) you will start to see your sales vastly increase.
If you would like more information about this business opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can arrange a call between you and the vendor.