Business including eBay and PayPal accounts for sale, loaded with around 600 - 700 items, and you can add more from a huge inventory of thousands of items. All items are dropship based so you do not need to invest in or hold any stock.
This opportunity is offered by an experienced online business developer. Goods shipped straight from supplier to your customerís door.
The supplier offers items across multiple categories and offers over 10 million items to choose from giving you plenty of room to grow your business and expand the store.
You can take the supplier details and add new listings to this eBay store to grow sales or set up multiple eBay accounts to have multiple revenue streams. Potential for income.
The supplier makes it really easy to add items to the eBay store as their system is linked to the eBay account meaning you can add items within a few clicks and do not need to go to all the h***le of manually listing images, titles, descriptions etc.
Orders are also managed through the suppliers system so all you need to do is pay the supplier AFTER the customer pays you. Great business model with positive cashflow.
Your eBay account has an initial sales limit of 1000 listings and you can request a limit increase after you take over the account. If not, then eBay usually reviews the account limits periodically and if you are following eBay guidelines, then there shouldn't be any problems getting a higher limit.