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Thread: Baby and Childrens Clothing Accessories eBay Shop & Business Established 9 Years

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    Baby and Childrens Clothing Accessories eBay Shop & Business Established 9 Years

    The business:
    Specialising in Babies and Children's items including Christening and Premature.
    Active and making sales most days
    Total sales over 9 years 85,900
    Last 12 months sales 1,358
    Last month sales 182
    Full list of suppliers will be provided
    Facebook page with 195 likes
    Dolls and Mannequins for photography
    Racking is not included
    The eBay shop:
    Opened in 2009
    Power Seller
    10% discount
    Over 6,100 feedback
    100% positive feedback
    A selection of the stock is shown in the photos
    The stock at the time of transfer is included in the sale
    The current value of the stock is just over 2,000 at Trade/cost price - (around 4,000 at retail) but this will reduce a little.
    Reason for selling:
    I bought this, my first business, when I gave up the boring day job 5 years ago
    It is a great business and taught me lots about running an online business
    I now have 2 larger (unrelated) businesses which are taking all my time, hence the dip in sales over the last year or so
    With a little attention there is no reason why the business can't get back to sales of 12,000 or more per year
    What will you need?
    Although this is a genuine long established business - not something set up last week with no sales history - all businesses require time and effort so you will need to be prepared to work at it
    You will need a laptop/PC and a camera
    I will do a detailed hand over and provide email support for a few weeks after the sale
    The business would be ideal for a young mum who understands what appeals to the market and can select great stock
    What next?:
    I understand that buying a business is a big decision and that you will need much more information
    So, if you are serious about buying the business, please drop me a message and I will send you a link to the shop for you to browse
    Then I would suggest that we meet to discuss and view the stock
    We are open to offers for a quick sale
    You will need an estate car or van for collection
    Looking to buy or sell a eBay account or business then contact us we are here to help.
    Whatsapp 00447495325237

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    Please send me more information about this offer.

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    Is this a UK eBay business or USA eBay company ? Love to learn more

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