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Thread: Which is better eBay or Amazon for selling items ?

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    Which is better eBay or Amazon for selling items ?

    Please help me I am looking to start a business and order some stock from china. I am totally new to selling so unsure to start with eBay or amazon first, what you guys think ?

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    Amazon and eBay are strong in their own right, and both have their specific pros and cons. The question is…which is better for you as a seller?
    In my article, 5 Reasons to Consider eBay Alternatives in 2018, I mentioned that eBay may be better for newer / casual sellers, but not always the best because of:
    eBay Selling fees
    eBay's poor reputation
    Lack of customer service
    High competition and limited placement
    You’ll also have to consider eBay’s new Catalog API and how they’re changing up their tactics because they are seeing a decline.

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