Medical Marijuana delivery services offers patients convenience and the business owner a much less expensive alternative to running a brick and mortar shop. California delivery services are projected to see huge potential for unprecedented growth explosion in January 2018 when recreational MJ products become legal in the state.

Nationwide it is reported that Medical Marijuana delivery services have tripled over the last three years in California according to Weed maps a site similar to Yelp.
Here’s an opportunity to gain a post position in the highly anticipated 2018 marijuana recreational sales Los Angeles county gold rush with this pre-existing California SEASONED MJ delivery business model-

Proof of Prior Existence- this is the key. In our educated opinion the only right answer to the “litmus test question” that will open the door.
Established proof of pre-existence seasoned 6 years registered domain name and SEASONED URL transferred to your name with full ownership:

Established seasoned high ranked professionally custom designed Cannabis Delivery Service website w/ studio close up photographs, medical grade and result accurate description of medicine + edibles to allow patients & future recreational users to choose medication that best suits their need. What they see is what they get. EZ online application + EZ select shopping cart allows your patients and future consumers to receive the high quality medicine privately delivered to their home in less than 1 hour. This site will be fully customized to your exact specifications and will be functional included in the purchase price.
One (1) full year advertising pre-paid in Weed directory

California state registered (prior to the November 2016 vote to approve recreational sales in the State of California) seasoned Non Profit Mutual Benefit corporation filed and complies with code section 5000 et seq.
• California registered seasoned For Profit Corporation (filed and pre-existing before the California November 2016 vote approving recreational sales.) Corporation Turn Key Ready for potential Recreational Use sales after January 2018. This is an existing for profit CA Marijuana Recreational Sales Corp registered and in good standing in California.

Established Live Answer Remote Call Forward Order Line Beverly Hills CA information 411 listed telephone number prepaid for one (1) full year.
Established Beverly Hills California mailing address prepaid (1) full year.

Six (6) professional company email addresses (3 for each corporation) prepaid for one (1) full year.
Full Articles of Incorporation for both companies. Articles of Incorporation as a non-profit mutual benefit corporation.
Full Articles of Incorporation for a California for profit corporation.
California tax registration certificate prepaid.
California Sellers Permit prepaid from the State Board of Equalization.