f you was to have an online store with a shopping cart facility and as much content as this made for you then you would be looking at paying thousands of pounds. If you do a search online for web designers then you will be able to see the kind of prices they charge for just a basic few pages, an ecommerce website would cost lots more!!

The domain name is not included, therefore the only thing you need to do is simply buy your own new domain name. these can be purchased from websites such as or godaddy or many others for as little as 5

Once you know what your domain name is then I will change all the links on the site to your new name and design you a new logo. I will also upload the site for you so you are online under your new domain name (website address). You will have access to your own server and online control panel where you can edit and update the website from your home computer . I will do this for no extra charge!

I will also configure the shopping cart so you can receive payments to your paypal account. Unlike other payment processors that charge you a fortune, paypal is completely free to use and allows you to receive card payments from your customers - If you don't already have an account then you can sign up for one at [url][/url]

The website also includes FREE hosting setup with your own control panel which you can manage your website from. It also includes free stats programs to see how many visitors you are getting, a web editor so you can edit the website and products, free scripts, email accounts and much much more. The shopping cart activation is also included FREE with the web hosting . If you wish to continue the hosting after set up then it is only 45 for the first year. If you choose to renew for the second year then this will go down to only 25. So your only costs to run the website are for your domain and and the web hosting which is very little expenditure. There are no other costs involved

The items are bought from a wholesaler who have been in the business for over 25 years. You can order the items from their website at incredibly low prices. They have no minimum order which means you don't need to carry any stock and they can also deliver direct to your customers at no extra charge. You do not have to open an account or sign up with them, you can order what you like, they don't require any information from you. The wholesaler accepts card payments, cheques and also paypal! I will give you their details on purchase.

The potential to make money is enormous as there is a great demand and most people prefer buying online as it is much more discreet. The profit margin on all items are huge! For example, the toys you can buy from between 1- 15 and sell for between 8- 45. Other items you can make from 30- 50 profit or more. You can set the prices on your website to whatever you want but on all products the mark up is very high, more than anything else I know.

As you have an online site, people from all around the world can buy from you and therefore you have millions of potential customers. The ordering process is very simple as well. When someone makes a purchase from your site, you will automatically receive email confirmation of their payment and order. All you then have to do is go to the wholesaler website and order the items. On checkout, you can enter your customer's address and they will be delivered direct and at no extra charge. It is as simple as that and anyone with little or no computer knowledge can do it.

It is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to make a lot of money or even if you just want to make an extra income. Also if you are interested in the goods for yourself this gives you the opportunity to purchase them at wholesale price.

Please note..I can accept payment by Paypal and credit/debit card. I can only set up the website on the hosting as specified above. Please do E-mail me if you have any questions