Hotel & Flight TRAVEL BOOKING WEBSITE BUSINESS FOR SALE - Complete & Turnkey!!

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A fantastic opportunity to start your own business working from home. If you're p***ionate about travel and think you have what it takes to promoting hotels, flights and car rental earning fantastic rates for every booking achieved. I am reluctantly selling this business due to focusing on another business startup which has taken over, and i really have no time to invest in the travel website anymore. Previously a lot of time and and money has been invested into the development of the website and has been developed to a high standard coupled with social media presence of over 500 likes and a recently new Twitter account to develop.

The website is developed around APIs distributed by an affiliate account through a major leading travel business that pays fantastic rates for every confirmed booking made through there websites referred by the " website. The website is all set up to go and ready to earn. This is a very low over head business, all you will need is a host provider and an advertising budget, but with social media will be minimal spend.

With this being a new business not much can be shown for revenue and profit, but in the right hands with someone who has time and commitment to drive this website into a brand.

You will receive all rights of the business.
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